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Finding an approved supplier in Surrey

So why do you think it might be a good idea to get an approved supplier for the purchase and installation of my double glazing replacement windows?

Just read any newspaper to hear the dreadful stories of the “installations from hell” and yes – even I got caught out some years ago with a double glazing company that went bust on me half way through the job. (I guess they got rather caught out as well - but it was me I felt sorry for at the time!)

It is a wise option to find an approved supplier.

So what are the benefits of using an approved supplier?

There are actually a number of very sound reasons why it is a good idea to find an approved supplier.

In the first instance you need to know that the product is fit for purpose and meets the recognised criteria such as its durability expectation and most importantly that meets the minimum allowable energy rating. Indeed legislation will soon be in place that demands that it may not be sold or installed below a certain level so it must conform to the standard set by the British Fenestration Rating Council.

Is the installer familiar with the product and is he familiar with the building regulations – a non FENSA regulated installer or DIY installation such as you or I carrying out the installation will have to get local authority approval once completed – whereas a FENSA approved installer does not and can issue you with your certificate.

A FENSA member both as supplier and or a member of the GGF – The Glass and Glazing Federation has already been vetted and approved and will have had his work inspected – by experts

The Glass and Glazing Federation also offer such things as deposit indemnity schemes which can certainly add to your peace of mind.

Why is it often difficult to find a good supplier in Surrey?

Actually it isn’t but most of us don’t find them through the right sources

Most of us are, quite frankly, embarrassed or in some cases either too polite or nervous to ask those direct question for which we really do need the answers

· How much experience do you have

· Show me how your product meets the set standards

· Are you a member of FEBSA and prove it

· Are you a member of GGF and prove it

· Show me your last financial accounts so I know I am dealing with a solvent company

· Demonstrate your installation ability and invite me to randomly visit at least 10 of your previous customers to inspect the workmanship.

Be honest – I know I would prefer someone else to have asked these questions on my behalf and just send me a list of approved suppliers in the first place.

Now lets check out what we need to know about what we are buying, what the choices are and why we are buying it.

The Advantages of Double Glazing and the benefits of replacing the windows

Double glazing isn’t new to most of us so we can briefly summarise what I see as the most common advantages and benefits of having replacement double glazing windows installed:

· Reduced energy bills.

· Lower carbon footprint.

· More comfortable home.

· Peace and quite.

· Low maintenance no need to constantly re-paint.

· Reduced condensation.

· Easier to sell the home.

What Materials are used to make the frames and why?

No matter what the frames are constructed from the types of glass and the options offered remain pretty much the same, so the real differences lay in what materials have made up the frames.

1. Hard or soft wooden frames

2. Aluminium frames

3. uPVC / PVCu / UPVC window frames

Sort or hard-wood window frames

Clearly an obvious choice for those with “old standards” and certainly at one time, the only real choice for those with period style properties. However since the UPVC window frames also accommodate wood grain finishes it is not the automatic choice any longer. Wooden frames can look very impressive but they tend to be fairly expensive and do require maintenance. You will also need to check on the types of joints used and the age and quality of the timbers used – cheaper materials may be prone to warp or split, particularly so if you have opted for soft wood window frames.

Aluminium window frames

On the original introduction of Double glazing to the UK the aluminium frame was the most popular being both robust and almost maintenance free but they are no longer a commonplace option now for the domestic home and often difficult to source. Because they are no longer commonly used they are quite expensive, and they have a tendency to suffer from condensation more easily than other types.

PVC / PVCu / UPVC window frames

By far the most popular window frames used today which by the scales of economy also no means that they are usually the least expensive. It is a highly insulate material, very strong and difficult to break and during its very extensive life, requires almost no maintenance other than an occasional wipe over.

The popularity has increased further since it can also now be acquired in Woodgrain finishes such as Mahogany and Oak.

What style of windows can I get?

Albeit that I can not cover all of the options such as Bay windows, the main types of double glazing replacement windows are as follows

Casement windows

These are like the standard “normal” windows most of us know – the open outwards and can be either left or right hand opening.

They give unobstructed views allowing lots of light in to the room.

In double glazing terms these windows can be quite large and give a wide expanse of glass, so it is not uncommon to break it up with some leaded top lights or coloured top lights.

Sash windows

Sash windows seem to have been around for ever and are most common on period properties or period style properties.

The modern double glazed sash windows are attractive and thankfully, unlike the originals do not tend to stick or rattle during use and neither do they still require weights and cords in order to operate.

Tilt and turn windows

These are a fairly modern invention, are very popular in double glazing replacement window installations and were designed for very practical reasons.

They are a great benefit where it is not safe to open the windows outwardly such as perhaps a ground floor opening onto a pavement.

They often have a dual function handle which allows the “tilt” for secure ventilation, the “turn” for cleaning, and excellent ratings for fire egress.

Energy saving from double glazing

Every house will lose heat via the windows, doors, and roof and double glazing is a good way of reducing this energy loss, thereby also reducing the heating bill.

The windows will vary in their energy efficiency dependent upon the energy rating of your chosen double glazing replacement windows. Rather like the rating we now get on fridges etc approved suppliers will often offer energy rated windows with an A-rated window being the most efficient.

It is almost impossible to estimated what you will save on your energy bills as it will vary from house to house dependent upon – the number of windows, the age of the property, the condition of the roof, if the doors are double glazed, does it have cavity wall insulation, sufficient loft insulation, and draft-proofing etc

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Surrey – Did you know…?

Before Roman times the area today known as Surrey was very probably governed by the Atrebates tribe centred at Calleva Atrebatum in the modern county of Hampshire. They were known to have controlled the southern bank of the Thames from Roman documents describing the nature of tribal relations between them and the powerful Catuvellauni on the north banks. In about 42AD King Cunobelinus or Cynfelin ap Tegfan of the Catuvellauni died and war broke out between his sons and between King Verica of the Atrebates. The Catuvellauni invaded the Atrebatean lands, probably crossing the River Thames near modern Staines where the river could be forded. The Atrebates were defeated in the conflict, their capital captured and their lands made subject to the Catuvellauni now led by Togodumnus ruling from Camulodunum. Verica fled to Gaul and appealed for Roman aid. The Atrebates were allies with Rome during their invasion of Britain in 43AD. The territory of Surrey was traversed by Stane Street and other less well known Roman roads.

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